Fort Carson


+1 719-526-5811


6001 Wetzel Ave, Fort Carson, CO 80913, USA


Aaron Lawson

Its a really cool place to be when not in the field which is almost always. Could do without all the one way streets maybe.

Andy Kelly

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE LIGHT AT TITUS AND SPECKER DURING THE NIGHT. I wrote this while sitting at the light. *2 months later, still not fixed.

David Yates

I was stationed here shortly after the Peace Accord starting our withdrawal from Vietnam. Not certain what units are here now but the 4th Engineer Battalion was one of the experiences that helped me in the future with design and structures not only bridges but the ability to design structures that will stand the test of time until some idiot tears it down.

Caution 84

Excellent Duty Station I Enjoyed it

Erika Mullennix

Finance needs an internal investigation done to figure out why they can’t even help their soldiers. It’s been 2 years and they still have not fixed my husbands pay. I call daily and usually Iam disconnected or I just get hung up on. Pathetic. This duty station treats their soldiers like garbage. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. When DFAS is horrified by their inability to take care of their soldiers you know there is an issue. Currently leadership is trying to bate men to re enlist by saying they can leave deployment to see their child be born... but only for 21 days... and it still comes out of their leave... AVOID AT ALL COSTS there is a reason they call this base a career ender