Elk Falls Suspension Bridge


Millennium Trail, Campbell River, BC V0P, Canada


Lynette Meek

I love the Elk falls and the new, well newish now,. Is always a beautiful 💓 walk. The stairs are challenging as I have bad knees but oh so worth the climb. The views from the bridge and lookout points are stellar. I first walked along the Falls and the river over 10 years ago and have appreciated the changes and improvements that have been made over the years.

Susan Poonai

A great walking tour. Very well marked out. There was no garbage in site which is amazing. Lots of bathroom facilities. The views were great of the falls and river. Ample parking.

Ron Calverley

10min hike to see nature at its roar. Path was easy. Bridge was solid. 118 stairs grouped together close to the site, according to the missus.


Cute little suspension bridge!! If you're in the area I would recommend checking it out. There is a viewing dock that faces the water fall and it's amazing to see how steep it is. The suspension bridge does not sway back and forth and is rather sturdy. It's like a mini version of the ones in greater Vancouver.

Richard Immergluck

Lovely way to see the waterful. For a suspension bridge it's very stable. High sides with wire fencing. The floor is corrugated steel.