Port Dalhousie Range Lighthouses


57-61 Lighthouse Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2N 7P4, Canada


Amitha Jain

What a great place to spend some quality time . Really love it to be there in my free times. It is also a great location for photo shoots especially during golden hours or sunset hours.

Cheri Bruce

Sadly a lot of Port Dalhousie near the lake is flooded. The lighthouse has sand bags around it but unfortunately they didn't stop the water from flooding the lighthouse. 😥

Randy Taylor

Love going for a walk down there with my wife. And look at the birds

Maria Lucia Ompoc

BEAUTIFUL!!! It always feels better to be by the waters :) looking different boats as we are driving by!

isco Disco

Perfect for walking and fishing. Beautiful beach in summer and great fishing on fall through spring.