Champagne Island


+1 501-629-9979


Lagoon, Placencia, Belize


Cleeve Westby

Great place. Love being able to relqx and soak in the sun.

Gilbert Alamilla

We were fishing in the lagoon with my kids & wife and came across champagne island as a pit stop , so we bought couple beers and relax in hammocks. To our amazement we saw the butterfly house which our kids LOVED. There was also a Garifuna & Maya cultural exhibit which was incredible. This Island is so private and minutes away from Robert's Groove . Most of all very ECO friendly.

Mo Lo

This spot is like no other on the itinerary. The view was very welcoming. We had a splendid time celebrating mom’s 70th birthday. Later in the evening, we transition to camping under the stars and moon. Visitors that like nature but don’t like to sleep too close to nature accommodation is setup to sleep indoors. The tour guides are very friendly, polite, helpful, and respectful. Among the several things I can brag about, my highlight of the trip was sleeping in a hammock outside under the vibrant celestial objects and enjoying the endless tropical breeze!

Tahj Choc

My family and I visited Champagne Island for the celebration of my grandmother’s 70th birthday. Although, they are still in the development process, they provided us with the best services that we could’ve receive. We went on nature walks and learned about the plants of the forest and took a journey through the life style of the Mayan people. In all it’s entirety we had a wonderful time and we will be returning soon in the near future.

Ernette Cabral

Its a family oriented spot nice for day trip and camping. A lot of nature from plants to birds and marine wild life