Old Port of Montreal


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333 Rue de la Commune O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2E2, Canada


chris cinapri

Just had a really great time here. Nice to walk around. Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton truck (best darn cookie in the world!!!) and a few other food trucks. Good vendors and stores. Pier is nice to walk around. Great environment, shopping and food all within a small area. Bouncy castles / Inflatables, zip line and so on.

Hany Doss

The place itself is a nice taste of the past , But I can't believe that there is the slightest sense of reason for those ( ----) who decided to turn the whole city upside down , all at once ? Can't say enough if the suffering of everybody to find their way through . To top all this no existence of any police force whatsoever to guide or facilitate the traffic for drivers. Total chaos and total very bad planning . I love you Montreal but !!!! So long as you have those jokers ( planners ) !!! Sorry no more until you mend these wounds inflicted by your city planners .

Kevin Ha

Large area that provided a great scenery of the bustling crowd or the scenic waters to the side. There was a variety of small shops and food stalls that provided a fun experience. We walked around enjoying the nice breeze and it provided a great ambience to relax and talk. We sat on a bench facing the St. Lawrence River. There are a lot of activities, such as quadricycle rentals, zip lines, escape rooms, an adventure park suspended in air for kids, etc. It is also very close to the Science Centre, which can be a great place for family trips!

Diane Mee

Went on the supper cruise. Was very good. Food was excellent, the service also. Had a blast on the dance floor. Worth every penny. If you never gone go you won't regret it. 👏 😀 🥂 🍻

Camila-Belen Toro

One of the most beautiful placed Montreal ! My favourite one. So peaceful ! Great place to have a picnic or a romantic walk. Very often you can catch some different festivals at the old port. Winter and summer. Plenty of activities to do all year long.