Hope City


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2700 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77043, USA


Jason Lozano

Pastor Jeremy Foster is great. His message is always solid and complete. There is a lot of depth in what he delivers. His stage props are instrumental for those of us that require some help understanding all he has to say. Definitely worth checking out in person and online. There are some behind the scenes bits you don't get online that are funny and at times sincere. A+++ Love Gog Love People Change The World.

Emily D

I really love Pastor Jeremy, his messages are extremely real and very eye opening. His way of preaching is truly incredible and unique. I will be honest in hopes that maybe someday something can improve.... this church is based out of a school for now as it has been for years and I have no problem with that. But I do feel like the children’s ministry really is lacking BIG time. We actually stopped attending this church because of the children’s ministry alone. I feel like it’s more of “babysitting” in a giant pin. I do not like or appreciate that at all. We come from churches that have a small and loving environment for specific age groups, unfortunately Hope City combines wider age ranges of the young children and keeps them in a giant “room” without any actual Sunday school. Maybe someday when the building opens it will be a different story, but for now we are going to stay with a church who has a more solid children’s ministry program.

Madeline Crawford

I've been attending Hope City since 2016. There is sound teaching of God's Word here, but more than that, we have a way to network and be THE CHURCH, by doing Connect Groups. It's closer than congregating all together for a service. It's more personal. You learn, have fellowship, and edify one another which strengthens Christ's Church. I think it's the way Christ intended for it to be anyway. Amen.

Ronchelle Grigsby

If you’re looking for a church with a good word and a phenomenal children’s program this is it. Pastor Jeremy is very funny and preach a good word that will help you change your life. If he’s not there he brings in the best of the best guest speakers so you’ll be just as excited to come even when he’s not there. The children’s program is a dream come true! You can tell they truly love the children and the curriculum is truly Jesus centered for all ages. If you have a 3-5 yr old Ms.Inez is a sweetheart and my baby absolutely loves her. This place will change your life with the excitement and pure love the people show. You won’t regret the visit ❤️

Marissa Castillo

True Discipleship! Going through Freedom right now, very excited for what God is doing through Hope City & in Houston Texas! I now know each child of God has a purpose and role to play in His Kingdom!