Dhabhai Kund

Date & Timing

Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
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Sunday: Open 24 hours


Gayatri Nagar, Bundi, Rajasthan 323001, India


Arvind Vyas

A well sculpted step well. The approach is dirty. The well was completely dry when I visited. However, after the rains following my visit this should be more beautiful.

Abhinav Singh

It has not been maintained which is very disheartening. It is such a beautiful place if maintained well. Also there is no availability of guide leads to unavailability of useful information about the monument.

patriot AJ

Very nice art & the symbol of system of water conservation of the time of King's time.


Amazing architecture. This stepwell has over 700 steps that forms an intricate geometric pattern. On the day we visited the place was deserted which was unexpected. Great day for taking pictures. Best step well I have seen

Akhil Jain

Historical place. Wonderful architecture