Fort Worth Livestock Exchange


+1 817-822-5219


131 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, USA


Lorie H

If you are anywhere near the Fort Worth Stock Yards it's worth a visit. There's so much history throughout the venue and most of it is free. Walk thru all the buildings, even the arena, which is free during the day when no events are going on. There's a cattle drive twice a day. You really get up close and personal with the Longhorns. If you get there early enough there's free parking on the street. Otherwise it's about $12 for the lots that are right on property. If you park free, just watch your time. There's a two hour limit.

David Jones

The Stockyards are certainly touristy but the people are kind, genuine and helpful. Love it and will go back.

great opp


Blair L

Great place to take a family. Loved the Cattle drive! Lots of shops for souvenirs. Food at Riscky's is awesome!

Carla Sessions

For $2 a person you can view a small museum. Though, the part I like the best was viewing the old stock yard and seeing the bulls that they house there. These are the same bulls they drive down the street​.