Hey Flyer, is a platform developed to put travellers at ease as it is equipped with all the key features and functions needed for their travel journey. Hey Flyer's mission is to consolidate airport information and make it readily available to flyers. It includes airport maps, flight status, airport parking, public transport information along with shopping and dining options available at the airport. The app also focuses on engaging users during their free time at the airport by allowing them to set-up meetings with fellow passengers. Users can explore things to do at the airport and connect with like minded travellers through the app and even meet them during a layover too.
Hey Flyer, further plans to integrate airline apps (API or SDK) with a flight attendants chat functionality. This feature would enable flight attendants to know what the passengers want without having to go to their seat. Passengers can simply message cabin crew from their seat for anything they need or any query they may have too. Furthermore, users will also be linked to the in-flight entertainment which they would be able to use through their own devices too Hey Flyer will also have its own in-flight entertainment, so users can use their own devices to watch movies and listen to music in-flight with the only requirement being a Wi-Fi connection. This platform will also help airlines with in-flight analytics of passenger requirements and can also allow airline staff to communicate with each other, should the airline to allow the same. The Android App also makes it easier to contact passengers and staff members without the need of internet or announcing their names at the airport. Hey Flyer, is linked with a technology which can only be detected securely through connected devices and without the need of an internet or a GPRS connectivity.
Flyers can share and view experiences of other globetrotters giving them an insight to airports and various destinations prior to their journey. Recent reports suggest that the airline industry today is fighting an increasingly uphill battle for customer loyalty as we’ve seen some extreme examples of poor customer service in recent months with passengers. The industry constantly strives to serve and provide customers with the best service.
Hey Flyer, is a product which brings value to businesses and individuals and hence our model is B2C and B2B2C. Our target customers would be the global travellers who can use the app to connect to fellow travellers, get airport information and discover travel destinations. Our focus is to also help airlines/airports/businesses customize and improvise the inflight/airport experience and engagement.