Audio Check-in enabling

We helps airlines to enable audio check in facility with Google Home & Alexa. We are helping airlines to provide extraordinary experience to passengers to complete check-in process in 10 to 20 second of time along with their preferences.

Passenger to Cabin crew communication

“Hey, can I get a glass of water?” – For this simple request, the crew needs to do four trips which can be reduced to two trips only. Hey Flyer supports bilingual features so that the passenger can place a request in his/her native language and the crew will receive it in their native language.

Entertainment with most popular content

We help to enable the most popular entertainment apps’ content inside the flight with our SDK so users can use those apps in the flight and also enjoy in-flight entertainment with the airline app.

Advance Cross-Sell Ancillary Services

Boost your airline’s revenues by partnering with other travel providers to offer your customers a complete end-to-end experience with more flexible travel options and additional services, and to obtain advanced analytics.

Increase Sales for the shops

Passengers pre-ordering items from airport shops help airports to generate more business via omni channel marketplace. With our solution, we help duty-free shops to promote their offers and discounts.

Alerts & Updates

Broadcast arrival & departure information to passenger without public announcements. We help airports to broadcast waiting time for security checks & immigration.

Connect people at the airport

Users can explore things to do at-the-airport, connect with like-minded travellers through the app and even meet them during a layover too. Flyers can share their own experiences or view experiences of other globetrotters giving them an insight to airports and various destinations prior to their journey.